Ring Sizer

  • If you have a ring in a correct size already, you can measure the inner diameter of your own ring.
    (If you are not sure how to do it, please ask our customer service on IG account)
    If you do not have a ring that fits your finger, get one of our ring sizer, it can reuse anytime.
  • We recommend going down half-size as the measurement is usually slightly bigger than your actual size
  • We will post via Hong Kong Post within 2 days after your purchase, takes around 3 - 7 working days to arrive.
  • 如果您已經有合適尺寸的戒指, 可以自行量度指環的內圈。
    (如果您不確定如何量度,請於 Instagram 詢問我們的客戶服務)
  • 我們建議您將尺寸縮小半號,因為量尺量度通常會比實際尺寸稍大。
  • 我們將在您購買後2天內通過香港郵政進行郵寄,大約需要3-7個工作日。
  • $18.00