Bespoke Process

If you are interested in making a bespoke piece with us, you may start by talking to us about your preferences. The whole bepsoke process will take around 2-8 months and can be done completely online.

Tell us your preference
Tell us about the style, gemstone, colour, stone you like and budget so we can recommend design and gemstone that is suitable for you. You may send us photos to give us a better idea about what you like. We might ask you a lot of questions at this stage.

Finding the right stone
After we have a good understanding of what you like and pinned down a direction for design, we will start searching the right stone for you. To help you visualise the design, we will send you photos/ videos of gemstones and example of similar designs. 
If you could confirm with a stone and confident to move forward with the bespoke journey, we will take a 50% deposit for estimated cost of the design we have briefly dicussed. (All deposit made is non refundable.)

Confirming the design 
After confirming with the main stone, We will then refine your design and show you more detailed visuals like photos of stone combination or sketching of the design if we find a drawing might explain better than photos. At this stage you will have a good understand of how the design will look. 

Crafting your piece
After we have confirmed with you all the details includes side stones/ metal colour/ finishing etc., we will start crafting the piece.
Crafting each bespoke piece rely heavier by hand by our experienced crafters.
Due to the handmade nature, we might not be able to show you the most accurate measurements, but it is also the handmade nature that makes each bespoke piece truly one of a kind and non-replicatable.

We will send you photograph of the final piece. Balance of the order shall be cleared if you are happy with final outcome.
We will then deliver to you this speical piece we made especially for you!

Contact Us now to start your bespoke piece!