Providing Your Own Stone

You can provide your own gemstones to set with our bespoke style. If you would like to send us your stone, please send us information of the stone. E.g. stone weight(ct), stone dimension(mm), stone type and picture of the stone.


Scattered Diamond Ring
Grand Scattered Diamond Ring
Pyrite scattered diamond ring
Pyrite Ring
Moon Solitaire
Double loop ring

In 14K Yellow / White Gold
Additional cost for 18K Yellow Gold, 18K White Gold, 18K Rose Gold or Platinum

Setting Fee
Please message us on Instagram to get an accurate price range. 

Terms and Conditions
* Customer is responsible for shipping cost of the stone. (If shipping is needed)
* We cannot provide insurance for client’s stone. We will try our best to set your stone in the highest quality. In the unfortunate case that stone is damaged during the process, we will offer full refund for your order and return the stone to you. We cannot replace the gemstone / compensate the gemstone.
* We recommend to use stone with better toughness and hardness( e.g. diamond, sapphire etc)
* If it comes with original ring band, the original ring band might be damaged during stone removal, cutsomer can choose to keep the ring band as it is or we can help to melt it and trade it into cash with current market price.