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Curio Ring

Curio Ring

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Our Curio ring is a cluster design ring with our very own unique element.

In Curio design we usually choose the most unique/ exceptional main stone and design a cluster around it. We like to accompany the main stone with gemstones in different shapes and colour.

The ring is entirely hand-carved in wax and casted into precious metal. Stones are carefully placed in an irregular and interesting setting in a very delicate way. Cluster is build on a moon cresant shape ring band. The whole design gives a harmonious feeling.

This design can be customised with your preference of stones/ metal.
(Diamond / Colour gemstone / 14k gold/ 18k gold)
Stone setting can also be slightly altered/ customised.

Price Range
Depends on stone used.
starting price HK$15000

*This design is a customised item, item in the photo is already sold.
Please contact us directly for a new bespoke order.

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