Measuring your Ring Size

The Ultimate Guide for Measuring your Ring Size

The size of a ring is so important; it doesn’t only make you feel comfortable, it also makes it feel like the ring is yours if the size is perfect.
Here is a guide on how to measure your size properly.

Accurate Easy and Do It At Home

Do you have a ring that is your size?
If you do, please measure the inner diameter with a hard ruler as shown in the picture below, take a picture and send it to us (to the nearest 1 decimal place, e.g. 16.5mm).
Ring sizes are set at intervals of 0.3mm-0.5mm, so please ensure that the measurement that you take is as accurate as possible.
Remember, use a hard ruler, not a tape measure and place the ruler at the centre of the ring.
(inner diam. of the ring below is 15.5mm)

Don’t Have a ring That Is Your Size?

Don’t have a ring that is your size?
We can send you a ring measure and a demonstration of how to use the ring measure.
Follow our instructions and send us a video and photos of you using the ring measure.


A Gift for Someone Special?

A gift for someone special?
If she or he already knows that you are getting a ring, we certainly can ship you a ring sizer anytime.
It is a little tricky if it is a gift and you would like to measure their size secretly, here are few different ways to make an informed guess of their size:

Measure inner diameter
You can find a ring that fits them and measure the inner diameter using the first method. Even if it might not be the correct finger, it gives us an idea of the general size of their hand.

Photo of their hand/finger
Send us a photo of their hand. We might be able to do a rough estimation.

Their overall size/build
Let us know their build (e.g. height & weight), and we can roughly estimate their size from our experience.


Covert Table of Ring Size 

From Hong Kong ring size & US/ American ring size to ring inner diameter.

Inner Diameter (mm) Hong Kong Size American Size
14.1 6 3
14.3 7 3.25
14.7 8 3.75
14.9 9 4
15.3 10 4.5
15.7 11 5
16.1 12 5.5
16.5 13 6
16.7 14 6.25
17.1 15 6.75
17.3 16 7
17.7 17 7.5
18.2 18 8
18.5 19 8.5
18.8 20 9.25
19.1 21 9.5
19.4 22 9.75
19.8 23 10
20.2 24 10.5
20.6 25 11
21.0 26 11.5
21.2 27 12
21.6 28 12.25
22.0 29 12.5


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Which finger should I put my engagement ring / wedding band on?
    Most of our customers like to wear their engagement ring on their middle finger (left hand) and wedding bands on their ring finger (left hand)

    What will affect the size?
    Weather Temperature, Environment, etc. Colder days and winter might cause your finger to shrink a size or half. Hot weather and summer might expand the measurement. Try to measure your finger at the end of the day at room temperature. 


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