Our Box

We care about your jewellery box like you do, not only giving a home away from the dust, protecting it from scratches, also a daily ritual to take it out to start your new day. 

As a small business in Hong Kong, we love to cooperate with different local artist, except standard ring box, we are actively looking for different style of ring box to make your jewellery a special experience. 

Wooden Ring Box - It's sustainable, it's starts in the nature, and last for a lifetime. We partner with few local woodcrafter design different style of Ring Boxes for our bespoke jewellery, mostly using Rosewood, Pine Wood and Teak Wood, to give a touch of nature whenever you opens it.

Ceramic Ring Box - Ceramic is a very earthen elements that bring our artful jewellery closer to daily life. From wheel to drying, trimming, glazing, firing taking patient and skill to create from clay. It might be fragile but it's waterproof to keep your jewellery safe. 

Hope your like our special edition ring box too ;)

*Pre-order for the ring box will take 1 month, additional charge applied*